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These are my favorite independent media sources (Websites, twitter accounts) with little or no corporate influence/backing/underwriting:


Democracy Now

(English, Spanish)

Hosts: Amy Goodman, Nermeen Sheikh, Juan Gonzalez


Hong Kong Free Press (Hong Kong/worldwide: print/digital)


https://www.hongkongfp.com/ @HongKongFP

Editor: Tom Grundy


LausanHK (Hong Kong and diaspora; digital)



Editor: None, it is a collective


"Lausan 流傘 is a site of solace, solidarity, connection and, above all, hope in what Hong Kong can be. Our members are tied together by this hope; it informs every aspect of our translating, writing and organising. While we initially joined forces in response to the Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill protests, we are driven by a shared purpose that predates the immediate circumstances of 2019 and far exceeds the confines of our collective: a determination to dismantle long-standing relations of dominance and exploitation in the wake of Chinese and Western colonial control and neoliberal capitalist accumulation—a love of our home."


Middle East Eye (Southwest Asia & North Africa; digital)




Note: Unclear editorship and some reporters have done anti-Palestine reporting


New Bloom Magazine (Taiwan/Asia/Pacific; print)


http://newbloommag.net/ @newbloommag

Editor: Brian Hioe


ProPublica (USA; digital/video)


https://www.propublica.org/ @propublica

Editor: Stephen Engelberg


Shadowproof Media (USA; digital) including Unauthorized Disclosure podcast


https://shadowproof.com @shadowproofcom @UnauthorizedDis

Editors: Kevin Gosztola & Brian Sonenstein

Unauthorized Disclosure Co-hosts: Kevin Gosztola & Rania Khalek


TelesurEnglish (Latinx America, Caribbean, International; digital)

(English, Spanish)


President: Patricia Villegas


Note: Banned in Bolivia by the fascist coup government so Telesur is clearly doing good reporting when most mainstream media don't touch it or simply repeat @GOP @DNC talking points


Truthout (USA/worldwide; digital)


www.truthout.org @truthout

Editor: Maya Schenwar


Wikileaks (Worldwide; digital)


www.wikileaks.org @wikileaks

Editor: Julian Assange (unjustly imprisoned in UK by USA)




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.