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SMART Board Use in the Classroom

These web resources will assist you in working with students K-12 in using the interactive whiteboard to understand concepts in various subject areas.

Social Studies

www.historyglobe.com – Good site with interactive Jamestown Settlement activity.

http://mappinghistory.uoregon.edu  – Site with animated maps of historic periods.

Google Earth

http://earth.google.com/ - Explore the world and other galaxies without leaving the classroom.


http://www.kerpoof.com/ - Site for creative activities such creating art projects, storybook, video and much more.

http://artpad.art.com/artpad/painter/ - Create works of art using art pad.

www.artrage.com  - Free (limited edition) download software for art design projects.



www.starfall.com – Interactive lesson to help students read and practice their language arts skills.

http://www.storylineonline.net/ - Streams videos of books being read by SAG members. Each reading is accompanied by lessons and activities.

www.readwritethink.com – NCTE authorized site for ELA materials, lessons.

Regents Prep

http://www.regentsprep.org/ - Practice resources for students taking the regents exams.


Primary Interactive

http://www.primaryinteractive.co.uk/index.htm - Site contains different activities covering a wide of subject areas.

 Busy Teacher Cafe

http://www.busyteacherscafe.com/ - Contains resources such as lessons, ideas, free printables and more for teachers in K-6.

 Academic Skills Builders: Educational Games

http://www.arcademicskillbuilders.com/ - Free educational math and language arts games to help teach students.

 Scholastic Activities

http://www2.scholastic.com/browse/learn.jsp - Resources including lesson plans, activities and more for teachers covering a wide array of subjects.

Sign Language

www.lifeprint.com – Good website for American Sign Language resources.


















DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.