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Know thyself.



This assignment correlated with Educational Leadership Core Curriculum (ELCC) Standards. The standard that most directly linked to this project was standard five, which states…


Candidates who complete the program are educational leaders who have the knowledge and ability to promote the success of all students by acting with integrity, fairly, and in an ethical manner.


Effective school asministrators are educational leaders who act with fairness and integrity.  It was during my EDL 702 course where I began to learn that in educational decision making fair is not always equal.  During the course, I was exposed to various principles and perspectives on ethics and as a culminating assignment, I was asked to create a vision assignment. This asignment clearly correlated and aligned with standard five.  For this assignment, prospective leaders were asked to think about, and articulate, the relationship among school vision, school culture, and ethical behavior.  In  order to complete this task, we needed to think about and develop five elements that contribute to a school's vision.  It was important to see myself not only as a leader, but as a change agent that is able to influence the ethical culture of schools and as a leader that is able to see that there is a direct relationship between school vision and ethical behavior.


For this asignment, I took a deep look into the systems that run a school.  I became aware of varied professional codes of ethics and I recognized the importance of evaluation strategies and the political ramifications of accountabitlity.  As a leader of a building, I needed to examine my personal and professional values and serve as a role model for others.  While working on the asignment, it was challenging to decide  which school systems would produce the most desired results for my school.  However, after much evaluation, I decided that school governance was an important element in developing a vision because it deals with major policy-making decisions and sets the overall direction of the school.  I also decided that creating physical and social and academic safe-havens and instructional culture were systems of a school that would influence the school by creating a caring school community who's ideals  were committed to the common good of all stakeholders.


My favorite part of this assignment and most useful part was reflecting on my own personal code of ethics.  Before beginning this assignment, I took some time to reflect deeply on my core values, I deliberated which atttributes were most important to me and subsequently to running a school, and lastly I turned to professional resources that examined  various ethical frameworks to assist me in the development of my own ethical vision for a school.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.