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Know thyself.



This assignment correlated with Educational Leadership Core Curriculum (ELCC) Standards. The standard that most directly linked to this project was standard four, which states…


Candidates who complete the program are educational leaders who have the knowledge and ability to promote the success of all students by collaborating families and other community members, responding to diverse community interests and needs, and mobilizing community resources.


In today’s ever-changing society, it is essential that a strong school building leader look beyond the scope of the school’s walls to help build a strong school-community foundation.  Communication and collaboration is a key component and skill needed in order to effectively bridge the gap between home and school. Leadership today thrives off of collaboarative visioning and strategic planning.


The New Program Implementation and Communication Plan was a collaborative group project assigned this semester.  This project encouraged students and prospective school building leaders to design a new school-based program that met the needs and interests of both the school and community-at-large.  Therefore, in order to effectively meet those needs, issues, interests, and challenges, students had to find ways to bridge the gap between school and home.  This was accomplished through collaboration amongst fellow colleagues to create a feasible new program plan that meets the diverse needs and interests of the community.  In addition, the group members had to find creative ways to help link students, families and community members to meet one goal and end result.  In order to do this, it was necessary to identify possible shared resources that both the school and community could benefit from.  This project really lent itself to two-way communication not only evidenced through the creation of a new program and communication plan, but also two-way communication amongst the group members.  Thus, this project supports the belief that communication is vital to the success of schools.


As a group, the group functioned well.  All group members were thoroughly involved and were vested in the outcome of the project.  There was some difficulty kicking off the project due to varying ideas for a feasible and worthwhile program that would suit both the communities and school’s needs.  However, once the group overcame the obstacle of deciding upon and solidifying one idea for a new program plan, the group members came together to try to build a strong and feasible foundation for the program.  


Within the group, there were a few leadership skills that I exemplified.  To begin with, I was able to draw upon relevant and a variety of resources of information, such as demographic data and community needs, in order to develop a plan that addressed the information found.  I was able to use the collected and gathered information to accurately assess the school and community and work collaboratively to formulate a plan that met those needs identified.  During the group work process, I was successful in the ability to gather statistical data and information and translate that into a feasible, relevant program plan.   In addition, my organizational skills were strong and evident during the group process.   For example, I came up with a detailed outline for the draft portion of the project.


This course directly relates to other courses I have taken.  To begin, all the courses have tried to prepare me to become an effective school building leader.  The courses are designed to meet the ELCC standards.  This course in particular has improved my communication skills, which is a necessary needed in order to work effectively with parents, staff, students, community leaders, and other community members.  This group project has improved my skills in my ability to collect data from a myriad of sources and in turn use that data to create long-term plans and programs that would ultimately improve education.  This course project has prepared me to find creative ways to bridge the school-community gap and to improve student achievement.  This course, in addition to they other courses I have taken, have provided me the opportunity to build upon and develop specific skills needed to become a school leader.  This course is important to my future as a school leader because effective leaders will need to find ways to improve school achievement by looking beyond the walls of the school and this project helped me learn how to respond  to community needs and how to mobilize community resources in order to build school programs.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.