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 Know thyself.



 As I reflect on the changes from my early educational leadership philosophy to my current leadership philosophy, I realize that there was one aspect of my latter phiolosophy that was initially omitted.  Currently, the framework for my philosophy is grounded in the belief that all children can learn.  I was surprised when looking over my original philosophy that I left that component out.  As a leader I am am willing, able and prepared to teach all children and foster the belief in others that all children can learn.  In order to do this, there must be elements in my philosophy that encourage this belief.  For example, my current phiolsphy reflects a desire to build instructional leaders, build capacity, and drive instruction within schools.  It is essential for school building leaders to find ways to promote the academic success of ALL students through a strong instructional culture and climate in schools.

Some elements that remained constant is my belief that all leaders must be committed to lifelong learning.  Though this notion of lifelong learning is not a new concept, I believe it is a necessity in educational leadership.  Successful leaders are those who cease the opprtunity to grow professionally and personally.  While doing this, leaders provide a model for others that is grounded in a commitment to learning through life.


I continue to believe that school administrators are visionary leaders.  They are able to inspire others to work towards a shared common goal and mission.  Effective leaders are change agents who are clear with what they wantr to achieve ands provide direction and opportunities for others to follow.

I believe that my philosophy is a living document and will be ever-changing as I continue to encounter additonal experiences in leadership, as data-driven research surfaces, and as I continue to expand and broaden my knowledge in the field of education. 


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.