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Life-Long Learning



Commit yourself to lifelong learning. The most valuable asset you'll ever have is your mind and what you put into it.

-Brian Tracy


As an effective leader, I am committed to life-long learning.  I continue to gain insight and meaning from the experiences I've had.  I continue to be self-aware of my leadership skills that need further development and in addition, I continue to build upon the strong set of values and beliefs I have as a leader.  As a life-long learner, I am dedicated to finding the oportunities to grow professionally and intellectually.  I plan to do this through the ongoing reading of relevant research-based materials, the enrollment in continuing and higher education courses, and through the deep reflections from hands-on experiences in the field of leadership.


There are still some areas of leadership that need further development, however I would like to focus on broadening my knowledge and skill set in the political arena.  I would like to study in depth the ways power and politics are affected  by reform, privatization, accountability, ethnicity, and poverty.  In addition, I'd like to explore policy topics that will expand my skills in the political, economic, and legal analysis of education.  Organizational theories go hand-in-hand with policy and education and that is an area of leadership that I need to continue to improve my understanding and knowledge in.


I plan to pursue an additional certification in school district leadership.  I would ultimiately like to be part of the decision-making process that sets and continually monitors the school district's goals toward achievement and instruction.  I am realizing that effective educational leaders always ensure that instructional goals always remain the driving force behind a school district's actions.  Moreover, I would like to be part of the process that allocates adequate resources that ultimately drive instruction. Effective district leaders ensure that the essential resources, such as time, money, materials, and personnel are allocated and are equitable and accessible to all learners in order to achieve the district's goals.  My school building leadership experiences have made me realize that effective leadership trickles downward.  Therefore, I would like to be part of leadership on a larger scale by being involved in the process that plans, restructures, creates and establishes a district-wide clear vision for teaching and learning.


As I peruse through the development of my e-portfolio, I recognize that I have grown both as a student and as a future school leader.  The e-portfolio illustrates my skill development over the course of the program.  I am able to clearly identify my needs, weaknesses and strengths and as a result am able to better prepare for future independent learning to help maximize/minimize those needs, strengths, and weaknesses.  I've also learned that the e-portfolio not only showcases exemplary work, but also shows how I've grown through the reflective development of my work.  I plan to refer to the e-portfolio on an ongoing basis and revise it as I continue to grow personally and professionally.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.