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End of Program Philosophy


One person with a belief is equal to a force of 99 who have only interests.
-John Stuart Mill 

 As I approach the end of the educational leadership program, my leadership experiences and additional coursework have enhanced my previous leadership philosophy.  I continue to define my core values and gain insight and meaning as a leader with every experience and thoughtful reflection I have.  Currently, my philosophy remains deeply rooted in the belief that all children can learn, an aspect of my philosophy that I did not originally include.  I realize the vital importance that my role as a leader is to successfully building a learning community that prepares children for the future.   


In order to reach my belief that all children can learn, as an educational leader, I must empower all stakeholders involved to improve student learning. As Grant (1988) believes, effective leaders are those who recognize that mission of schools should be to teach, foster learning, and prepare children for meaningful life experiences.  I,  too, believe that as a leader I must do whatever is within my capacity to drive student instruction.  In doing so, I must inspire and develop stakeholders to share the same belief.  Being able to inspire others is a vital attribute in leadership.  Leaders  must have the skills necessary to empower others to work towards and own a shared long-term vision that encompasses the core beliefs and values of the school. 


I continue to believe that a leader is not a leader until you know thyself, otherwise known as authenticity  When a leader is aware of what he believes in, it is easier to cultivate a group to follow a shared vision.   Authentic leaders embrace their personal experiences and life stories to help shape what they stand for and whaty they believe in.  Authentic leaders are people of high integrity and who are committed to building strong and effective schools.  I believe that authentic leaders are guided by a passion for their jobs and beliefs and cultivate others to make a difference.


Moreover, I believe that the best leaders are those who are committed to grow professionally and value the importance of life-long learning.  Educational leaders see learning as something that is ongoing and takes place on a daily-basis.  I place the highest priority on the ability to professional develop oneself independently and collaboratively.  










DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.