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District Budget Plan



Developing school budgets are plans of action that are essential to creating and maintaining an effective organization.  One role of school leaders is to manage the fiscal, human, and material resources, while always giving the highest priority to student learning, safety, and instruction.


As part of a course assignment, a district-wide budget plan was prepared that applies all legal and fiscal responsibilities leaders have to ensure that students achieve at high levels. 


With a school board needing a budget that reflects ten percent in cuts and additional state funding not expected soon, a budget reduction plan was created that reduces areas in the previous year’s budget; however, in a move to ease the impact of cuts and in an effort to avoid a negative impact on instruction and the learning and teaching process, the school district’s newly proposed budget did not increase class size guidelines, eliminate the universal pre-kindergarten program, and reduce arts education and music instruction for students.  In addition, high school sports were not affected and students attending private school, out of district or BOCES placements have not been reduced as well.  Classroom teaching positions and school programs were not affected by this fiscal sustainability plan.  As you can see, student achievement remains at the forefront of all budget-cutting decisions.


To view the completed district-wide budget plan created, please click here.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.