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Critical Friends Project


A Paper on:  Assesing Teacher Performance and the Teacher Evaluation Process


In the clinical supervision cycle, the goal is to develop and enhance teacher performance.  As a result, the administrator must maintain effective communication to work collaboratively with the teacher to identify positive lesson features, instructional issues of concern, refine lessons, and steps to build efficacy and teacher growth.  Through ongoing teacher support and monitoring, clinical supervision serves as model of effective supervision and evaluation.


As a clinical supervision assignment, a fourth grade teacher at an elementary school in Yonkers, New York, received an unsatisfactory formal observation during the first trimester of the school year as a first year non-tenured teacher.  As a result, the clinical supervision process was utilized to document, plan, and support teacher growth.  Through the implementation of post observation conferences, a teacher support plan, and follow up meetings, Ms. Jones was able to improve her instructional practices.  As the spring trimester approached, the administrator and teacher will continue to implement the plan of action through cyclical process of supervision and evaluation.  In this case, the clinical supervision process served as a positive and constructive tool to enhance teacher instruction in the teaching and learning process.


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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.