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Creating a School Vision



A vision statement is the fundamental building block or essence of a school program. It reflects the mental picture or direction in which the school leader aspires to guide his or her school program.  When a vision is created one is articulating their dreams and hopes for the future.  A vision statement should reflect the needs of the school and its community. 


A school leader’s primary purpose is to establish and communicate a vision or direction for improving the performance and experience of the students within the school program. A vision should also focus on methods in which the effectiveness of the school is improved for all, meaning students, staff, and community members.

Quality school leaders establish a vision for the school in collaboration with its stakeholders. When creating a vision it is essential to incorporate the perspective of those who will be directly affected by the vision.  Communication of the vision is also an essential element. Through communication one can build support and understanding of the said vision. Communication will also aide in identifying goals and objectives within said vision.  When developing a vision an effective leader continuously maintains a current and accurate profile of the school, its students, and the community.


Part of the vision process entails developing and incorporating learning tools, resources and strategies which ensure that the teaching and learning process is taking place.   A good leader also builds in time to review its vision and purpose systematically in order to revise the vision when appropriate.

The steps and guidelines listed above are the key elements in developing a good school vision.  


The following paper contains strategies and techniques which addresses each of the key elements listed above.   Please click here to access the paper in its entirety.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.