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Faculty contributor/consultant, 2.0 million for each of 5 years, United States Department of Education, Teacher Quality Partnership grant. Funding for a mathematics-focused, bilingulal/ELL-enriched childhood education 5th year program to establish a national model for teacher preparation program reform an innovation. (2009-2010).


Co-director for the Second Priority of a Dwight David Eisenhower Grant, which supported an evaluation of existing PDS relationships and implementation of on-site methods course. (Principal investigator: Valerie Washington) (summer 2001). 


Principal Co-Investigator, with Nancy Dubetz and Serigne Gningue for George N. Shuster Fellowship Grant entitled “A Study of Three Professional Development Site Partnerships” (summer, 2001)

 Co-director of the Lehman Urban Teacher Education  Federal Title VII grant to prepare bilingual teachers for state certification. Responsible for PDS field placements and supervision. (Principal Investigator: Anne Rothstein) (Fall 2001)





Principal Investigator 2003-2004 PSC-CUNY Research Award for “A PDS study: Strengthening implementation and assessment of thematic, integrated social studies in the third grade.” (May 2003)



Principal Investigator, George N. Shuster Fellowship entitled, “Documentation of a PDS Partnership Goal” (May, 2002)


Principal Investigator of George N. Shuster Fellowship Grant entitled, “Documenting

Changes in the Lehman College/PS 304 Professional Development School (PDS)





January 2004: Outstanding Academic Title: Rethinking Standards Through Teacher Preparation Partnerships, Gary Griffin and Associates (Eds.),  Co-author Chapter 5: a Professional School Development Partnership for Preparing Teachers for Urban Schools and Chapter 7: What we Learned From Site Visits.


Kappa Delta Pi -- International Honor Society in Education                                                

Alpha Kappa Delta -- International Honor Society in Sociology 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.