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ARH 141H Introduction to the History of Modern Art (hybrid course)

Sharon Jordan, Assistant Professor of Art History, Department of Art


My WAC Objective:

To incorporate and use a variety of in-class group and individual writing exercises to foster deeper engagement with the course material and to provide ongoing opportunities for students to develop their written communication skills in the shortened hybrid class time


The Role of Writing in this Course:

This section of Introduction to the History of Modern Art is a hybrid course, meeting for an hour and twenty minutes in the classroom and with weekly assignments outside of the classroom providing another hour and twenty minutes minimum of engagement with the course material.


Students in this hybrid course must be self-sufficient with the awareness that course content will not be communicated through lectures only and will not always be reviewed in class. For this reason, writing plays an essential role in demonstrating awareness and understanding of the class material. Each week, students will read and/or watch videos about different modern art styles and take notes about them. Students will then complete a weekly written assignment that will summarize, synthesize and/or analyze this material. In class, we will use these written assignments as the basis of in-class discussion and group work to verify the understanding of the content.


The main objective of this course is to use modern art history as a means of developing skills in critical analysis and improving written and verbal communication.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.