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Welcome to my ePortfolio.


This site gives you a snapshot into what I believe in as an educational leader and the activities and projects I have participated in at Lehman College over the past 2 years.


I started my career in education as a NYC Teaching Fellow in 2006.  I have been working in the same school for the past six years as a fourth and fifth grade teacher and Literacy Coach. I have taught in CTT inclusion classes, General Education classes, and a PIP class (Personal Intervention Plan).  I work at an elementary school with approximately 1,500 students and 140 teachers.  We have a very heterogeneous group of students that has a large population of ELLs, with considerable variations in academic achievement, learning abilities and disabilities.  There is also a high turnover rate with about 350 students exiting and entering annually.  


My concept of a leader is simple.  It’s a person who has vision, ability to both think and act quickly and the capacity to make ordinary people do extraordinary work.  I want to go into an administrative leadership position because both the system and specific schools are facing great challenges that can only be solved by leaders in such positions.


My short term career goal is to be an assistant principal.  My longer term goal is to be a superintendent of schools.


 I am most grateful to the reader for examining my portfolio and thank you for valuable time you have devoted to the task.   




Fatimah Ali



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.